Sessions announces an end to DACA

Well finally this is coming to an end. The Obama enacted pseudo-amnesty program for children of illegal immigrants is being done away with, and they now face the same laws as everyone else. Thank you President Trump for putting an emphasis back on enforcing the law, rather than pandering to certain ethnic groups simply because it gets votes. Man that is such an unbelievable change after the last eight years. We are after all a country of laws, and not of men. At least in theory anyways. Hillary being given a free pass for something that even the FBI director admitted was criminal kind of begs the question of if that is actually true or not.

But ICYMI here is the speech given by Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding the ending of the program.


Now I'm not heartless and I get that these kids did nothing wrong on their own. However, this is America. Justice is supposed to be blind and not favor one person over another. If they want to become citizens then they should go through the same channels as everyone else.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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