This is why Trump says it's "fake news"

Every single freaking day it seems like there is some media outlet going after either President Trump or his wife about one thing or another. Today it's that he lacks empathy in the wake of hurricane Harvey and those affected by it. Because ya know...we haven't heard all this before...


Gee I seem to recall a similar narrative about Bush 43 following Katrina. It's not exactly a secret that Republicans, and especially conservatives, will never win in the eyes of the mainstream media. I'm not saying Trump is a conservative by any means, but this has just gotten to the point of absurdity. These people throw their credibility away by being activists for one particular side with their coverage and reporting, then complain how public trust in the media has eroded because of Trump calling them "fake news" even though that wound is entirely self inflicted.

Keep it up and you'll all be out of a job soon.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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