Rod Arquette Show Rundown-Monday, August 14, 2017

Coming up at 4 pm today on the Rod Arquette Show on Talk Radio 105.9 KNRS, we will preview tomorrow’s election with interviews with all three candidates in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District – John Curtis, Chris Herrod and Tanner Ainge.  Plus, Rod will be joined by Rosie Rivera, who was selected Saturday to replace Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder.  See below for a full rundown of today’s program. 

Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Monday, August 14, 2017

Rod will be joined by the three candidates for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District – John Curtis (4:20 pm), Tanner Ainge (4:35 pm) and Chris Herrod (6:05 pm) – as voters head to the polls tomorrow to select a replacement for Congressman Jason Chaffetz

5:05 pm: Keith Squires, Commissioner of the Utah Department of Public Safety, joins Rod to discuss Operation Rio Grande and the crackdown on drugs and crime in that area of Salt Lake City

6:20 pm: Rosie Rivera was selected Saturday to replace the outgoing Jim Winder as the new Salt Lake County Sheriff and she joins Rod to discuss the challenges she is inheriting

6:35 pm: David Marcus, a Senior Contributor to The Federalist, joins Rod to break down why he says anti-white rhetoric is fueling white nationalism

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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