Marijuana has ruined Colorado

Well it's only been a few years since the term "Mile-High City" became something completely different in Colorado. Since it became the first state to allow the legal use of marijuana it's been flocked too by people from all over the country as a refuge from drug laws deemed by some to be oppressive and detrimental. In fact there is a push to make it legal nationwide.


Although, not everybody is all that thrilled about it in Colorado. In fact there is one State Senator there speaking out against the idea of national legalization due to the damage it's wrought in his state. You can read his opinion piece for USA Today here. But, his overall point is that legalizing marijuana has done the exact opposite of what many advocates of legalization said it would do. Arrests are up, there is still an underground market for the stuff, and rather than taxes on the recreational substance being used to improve schools, the only thing that seems to have happened is that pot is just more readily available in schools now.

So where does Colorado go from here? The genie is already out of the bottle, and it's not going back in at this point. And what does this mean for the rest of the country.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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