Seriously people calm fown about North Korea...

The little pot bellied inbred dictator doesn't stand a chance against the world's lone superpower. Yea they can rattle their saber a little bit, but unless they've somehow developed Star Trek teleportation technology there is no way they'd ever be able to get a nuclear warhead anywhere close to American soil. I mean do you really think they'd be capable of getting an ICBM past not only the South Korean defenses, but then all the way across the Atlantic? Even supposing it did somehow manage to reach within distance of Guam, there's no possible way it would get there before fighter jets would blow it out of the sky.

There is zero need to freak out over any of this. Even our vaunted Secretary of State believes so...


Keep in mind we now have a president who isn't a pushover like his predecessor. He's not going to tolerate such activity and if they launch a strike there will be retaliation, just as there should be.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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