Trump converting the left to conservatism?

You wouldn't necessarily think so off the bat. But if you look at things since the election, you'd be surprised how much of the constitution and how many conservative principles the left has embraced since he was elected, in an effort to thwart him and "resist" of course. The notion of state's rights has become relevant once again after eight years of being told the states have no individual rights. Rule of law is once again being taken seriously, kinda, in that they are demanding certain people be held to account for their actions rather than given a free pass (including the increasingly unpopular Debbie Wasserman-Schultz). Heck they've even begun embracing the idea of gun rights for individual citizens to a degree, albeit mostly for the purposes of armed revolution.

The biggest shift, however, is that there are now some in the upper echelons of the Democrat party that are openly stating how the party no longer has any connection with the common man, and how they've lost their way on abortion. The mandatory goose stepping of supporting infanticide that has been a baseline requirement of being a member of the party for years upon years is now in question, and pro-life candidates are supposedly starting to be taken seriously.

Is Trump really having all that much of an impact? Is he really dragging the left more towards conservatism?

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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