Time to bring Hatch home

Long ago a man running for senate once said that poised the question of what do you call a senator who's served in DC for 18 years. His answer was that you call them home. Well that same man has now been in that same senate seat for well over twice that number. In one of the biggest bait and switch moves ever he's promised one election after another that he would not run again, yet he continues to do so. It's at the point now where nearly 80% of the state, an overwhelming majority, want him to retire. Yet he still plans to run and has challenged anyone brave enough to oppose him to do so.

Well there are some willing to take up that gauntlet. In fact we'll actually have the man who's made it clear he intends to replace Hatch in the coming election cycle on the program today at 6:05.


Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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