Can the GOP actually govern?

It's a very good question. It's been several months since the unbelievably surprising election results, which if we're being entirely honest I don't think anyone but the most ardent Trump supporters were expecting, and all we've seen in that whole time has been massive Democrat obstructionism, riots from the so called "Anti-Fascist" movement, and outright lies about President Trump from a media who openly states they are out to destroy him. And with the abysmal failure to pass any meaningful reform or repeal on Obamacare, we're left wondering why we even listened to them when they begged us for our vote.

Well in response to that, and while touting his new book, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, laid out what he sees is the problem with the party right now. A problem I wholeheartedly understand and happen to agree with.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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