Amazing what changing one person can do...

It's been really interesting to watch the Trump White House function. We've seen more turnover in just a few months in critical positions, than some presidents see during their entire administration. But one of the key issues with the Trump White House was that his first Chief of Staff, Reince Preibus, was reported to be too lax in allowing people to meet with the president whenever they wanted to do so, even in the middle of meetings. Apparently the Oval Office had an open door policy or something. Well now that Trump has yet another Chief of Staff there seems to have been a semblance of order returned to the day to day operations of the presidency. Gen. John Kelly is reported to be a lot like Gandalf in that regard...


Okay maybe not facing down a demon of shadow and flame epic, but from all accounts in the first few days of filling the new role, he has apparently put an end to the former "pop in and chat with Trump" policy allowed to be in place by his predecessor. Which is good because the job of President of the US is already difficult enough without constant interruptions. Hopefully this will lead to good changes for Trump and for the country.

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