Peyton Manning nails it here...

It's hard to avoid the fact we live in one of the most poisonous and toxic political atmospheres of all time right now. I mean you've got one side of the aisle doing everything they can to paint the president as a traitor the republic and making the case he needs to be impeached, even before there is any evidence of a crime. But, on the other side you've got loud mouthed conspiracy theorists leading the alt-right charge against the left in some semblance of white nationalism. Meanwhile the rest of the country is wedged between the two just begging for them both to shut up and go away.

Which is why Payton Manning agreeing to play golf with President Trump is such an important deal. He isn't letting the volatility surrounding the man get to him and doing something not many celebrities of his station would be willing to do. In fact he's even gone so far as to proclaim that had he turned down the invite, it would've been "un-American."


Thank you good sir, for not letting politics come between you what many would consider to be an honor to do. At least some people still seem to respect the office.

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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