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So what is like the last thing you should do in front of school children if you're a teacher on a field trip? I mean the last thing you should do that WON'T put you under police investigation. Especially when you're taking a group of kids to DC to see the capital building. Probably encourage profanity and lewd behavior right?

Well...this teacher did it. And what's more, he bragged about the fact he was planning on doing so to his students, then encouraged them to visit hi Facebook page to see the proof. I STUPID do you have to be to think in this day and age there wouldn't be an instant backlash over it? Suffice to say the picture did not last long on his profile, and has since been taken down.

Free speech and all, I get that. But, and admittedly I'm making an assumption he's a leftist here, for people who complain about the toxicity and divisiveness plaguing our country they sure seem to have zero interest in doing anything to stop it. In fact it's this sort of behavior that continues to perpetuate these riots and so forth.

Should he be fired over it? Or is he within his rights to do so?

Rod Arquette

Rod Arquette

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