Why is Trump always the bad guy?

It's amazing to me that so many people are willing to resort to the knee jerk response of "blame Trump/America first," when we more often than not have absolutely nothing to do with the incident at hand. I mean seriously how is America not taking part in the Paris agreement somehow the cause of the recent terrorist attacks in London? Looking your way Maxine Waters...you world class kook conspiracy theorist.

It seems though that no matter what the man does, the media and the left will ALWAYS find a way to make him the bad guy in everything. Heck I doubt it will be all that long before the conspiracy theories begin about Trump being the second shooter on the grassy knoll and all that. But it works so I guess they have no reason to back off doing it. And sadly we have a population either unwilling or too complacent to care about doing their own research, so they just go along with it because it's easier than questioning authority.

Is there any validity in these claims? And what are the potential dangers of continuing this rhetoric when the claims are demonstrably untrue, yet they are continually repeated anyways? Heath MacDonald will be on the program with me today at 6:05 to discuss the issue.

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