Curly Horses Look Like Giant Labradoodles With Hooves

The American Bashkir Curly can be traced back to Eureka, Nevada in the early 20th century to rancher John Damele. He and his sons bred the horses which are linked to hundreds of curly horses today.

Curlies are claimed to be the only hypoallergenic horse breed; most people allergic to horses can handle Curly Horses without suffering any allergic reaction. The coat in the summer shows a slight wave in it, but not as extreme as the winter curls.

According to Wikipedia American Bashkir Curly are known for their calm, intelligent and friendly personality. They show an easily trainable temperament. They are also known for having a tough constitution and great stamina. Most people have found that the curlies enjoy being around people. The curlies are typically not flighty. They tend to do more reasoning than most breeds. They are very reliable and have a great work ethic.

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Photo: Getty Images