Amazon Driver Throws "Trump" & "Thin Blue Line" Flags Into Layton Street

An Amazon delivery driver in a in Layton, Utah neighborhood took issue with two flags in the lawn of the home he delivered to. Security camera footage from the home shows the driver throw the “Trump” and “Thin Blue Line” flags across the street. Neighbor Matt Papaj noticed something wasn’t quite right.

"Amazon Prime delivered a package to my neighbor's house," Papaj said. "As he pulled away, I noticed that the flag was out in the street — the 'Thin Blue Line' flag. The Amazon driver went down to the end of the street and left, so we replaced the flag, put it back where it was."

The driver came back up the street and that’s when "He backed up and took both the flags, and threw them into the street, and then backed over one," Papaj said. "And my friend … said, 'Hey, what are you doing? What's going on here?' And he said, 'F that flag. I'm quitting Amazon.' And he took off and left."

The homeowner said he filed reports with police and Amazon.

Photo: Getty Images