Farmer Finds Infant, Four Undocumented Children Abandoned At Border

A farmer in Texas who lives near the U.S.-Mexico border found five unaccompanied children abandoned on his property in Quemado. The five girls were between 11-months-old and seven years old. Officials believe that three of the girls are from Honduras, and two are from Guatemala.

The farmer who found them told Texas Congressman Tony Gonzales that they were hungry and crying, and one was naked. He gave them food and shelter until authorities arrived. He said that if he didn't find them when he did, they would have probably died due to the elements.

Customs and Border Protection said the girls did not need medical attention. They were taken to a processing center and then transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services.

"It is heartbreaking to find such small children fending for themselves in the middle of nowhere," said Chief Border Patrol Agent Austin Skero II. "Unfortunately, this happens far too often now. If not for our community and law enforcement partners, these little girls could have faced the more than 100-degree temperatures with no help."

Authorities did not say if they identified or located the girls' parents or guardians.

Photo: Getty Images