Tom Cavanagh Talks 'Scrubs' Memories On 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends'

On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, “America’s favorite older brother” Tom Cavanagh joins Zach Braff and Donald Faison to talk about Scrubs season two, episode 6, “My Big Brother,” when Tom played J.D.’s brother, Dan Dorian. They get into Tom’s career, Donald’s love for the CW superhero shows, how weird it is when fans get tattoos of them, the scenes they had the most fun filming, commiserate about the awkwardness of the audition room and pilot season, and answer questions about appletinis and more from Houston ER nurse Christina. But first, Donald has to rap a little bit of Wu-Tang Clan for Zach, who isn’t sure he can name any members of the group – except for “Wu,” “Tang,” and “Clan,” of course – even though Method Man was cast in Garden State!

The guys both want to figure out a way for showrunner Greg Berlanti to cast them in any of the “400 shows” he has on TV right now: Donald wants to play Green Lantern, while Zach would like to do a uncredited cameo as the Reverse Flash’s brother, “with laser eyes, please.” They talk about the toughness of the audition room: When Tom auditioned for a comedy role, he made big, funny choices, but because of that, the producers thought he wouldn’t be able to deliver the drama. Donald had the same thing happen to him when he auditioned for Scrubs. Zach says he heard of an actress being cut from consideration because “she was very expressive” and the producer was worried that she’d “wrinkle” too quickly. “People don’t know….the tightrope you’re walking to get a f**king role,” Zach says. 

They go over their favorite parts of Tom’s first Scrubs episode, laughing about him flirting with Elliott and messing with Dr. Cox, before Christina calls in to find out the weirdest question a fan has asked them and what their favorite scenes to film were. They discuss some of the unusual tattoos fans have gotten of their faces (one tattoo of Turk “looked nothing like me, it looked like Charles Barkley,” Donald remembers); as far as favorite scenes, Tom was glad to be a part of the John Ritter remembrance episode, “My Cake” in season four; Zach loved rappelling across the Universal backlot looking for Heather Graham; and Donald says “doing the whole opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark inside of someone’s colon.” Hear more great Scrubs moments, as well as Donald singing the Growing Pains theme song, producer Joelle urging Zach not to get a tattoo of Donald on his face, and much more on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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