Police: Teen Confesses to Killing Sister Because She Was Pregnant and Unwed

"Maybe it's the time to murder her,"

"Maybe it's the time to murder her,"

A Texas teenager is under arrest and has been charged with capital murder after being accused of strangling his unwed pregnant sister.

Viridiana Arevalo was first reported missing by her boyfriend after she was last seen at her home in The Colony, Texas, on Dec. 16, according to reports. Police discovered her body in an alley on Sunday.

On Monday, The Colony police announced that her 19-year-old brother, Eduardo Arevalo, had confessed to killing his pregnant 23-year-old sister because she'd become an "embarrassment to their family."

“It’s not what our officers and detectives wanted to be dealing with two days before Christmas,” Sgt. Aaron Woodard of The Colony Police Department told reporters at a news conference, the Dallas Morning News reported.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by NBC DFW, after getting into an argument about the "ongoing conflict in the family caused by the victim's mental health conditions," Eduardo went to his room where he thought, "Maybe it's the time to murder her." Eduardo approached his sister who was sitting on the couch, then strangled her by placing his right arm around her neck, the affidavit detailed.

Eduardo then wrapped duct tape around his sister's head and placed her body in the trunk of his car. He then drove the victim's body to a grassy field in another county, returning on Sunday. He later retrieved Viridiana's body and then dumped her in an alley about a mile away from their family's home.

"As the week went on, Eduardo stated that he wanted his family to know where Viri was so he went and picked up her body and brought her back Sunday morning in the early morning hours and dumped her body in the alleyway," the newspaper quoted Woodard.

Eduardo also admitted to writing the suicide note the family found, police said.

Detectives were led to Eduardo as a suspect based on video evidence gathered at the scene as well as at the home, where he later confessed to killing Viridiana.

Police say the teen told detectives that he killed his sister because she'd become an "embarrassment to their family" stating that it "would be better off that she wasn't here."

Photo: The Colony Police Department