Police in Virginia Pull Woman Out of Burning Vehicle Following Crash

A Virginia woman is lucky to be alive after a crash left her trapped inside her burning vehicle after the quick-thinking actions of two Farmville police officers.

Dramatic video of the rescue showed Officer Dalton Foley and Officer Olivia Martin arriving to the crash scene around 4:15 a.m. Friday morning to find a car burning and surrounded by thick, black smoke. The officers realized the driver was still inside and raced to the rescue. Body camera footage showed one of the officers using a pocket knife to cut off the unconscious woman's seatbelt, to free her from the wreckage.

"She was breathing but unconscious, so I was able to cut her seat belt off and get her out,” Foley told NBC12.

Officer Foley pulled the 57-year-old woman out of her car and with Martin's help, was able to move the victim to safety as the car continued to burn.

"As soon as we pulled her out and you can see on the bodycam footage, we’re about four or five feet away from the vehicle dragging her and the cab of the vehicle had just caught on fire,” Officer Olivia Martin said.

"We just kept trying to drag her further away…In the vehicle, she was unconscious. We got her out and she was able to hear us. She would nod and she was making sounds…(We were) asking her if she could breathe and she was nodding no and answering us,” Officer Martin added.

The woman was brought to a hospital where she remains in critical, but stable condition, officials said.

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