The Future and Self Driving Cars Are Here

The future is here… and robot cars are now officially a real business.  Google offshoot Waymo has launched their commercial ride hailing service in Arizona and just like Uber or Lyft, you order your ride with an app, but the car will be doing all the driving. The cars still have someone behind the wheel and is not available to everyone just yet, but it soon will be. Russ Mitchell with the LA Times, joins us to talk about robots on the road.

Next, in a story that has gotten national attention, a high school newspaper in a football town in Arkansas published an investigation into five football players’ transfers to a rival school.  What happened next is what made headlines, the school district made the students take down their article and would not allow them to post again without approval because it was causing a disruption. Amber Jamieson, Buzzfeed News reporter joins us to discuss this journalistic controversy.

Finally, more movement in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.  He is recommending no prison time for former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.  Flynn was such a great help to the investigation, no jail time was necessary. Lauren Meier, reporter at Axios, joins us for the biggest takeaways from Mueller’s sentencing memo.