Ogden father sentenced in death of infant daughter

An Ogden man has been sentenced in relation to the death of his infant daughter. Michael Lee Hatton, 26, accepted a plea deal from prosecutors in which in he agreed to plead guilty to the charge of murder, a first-degree felony. Hatton had originally been charged with aggravated murder, also a first-degree felony, but one that is considered to be a capital offense and therefore carries a possible death penalty. The charge was amended and the possible death penalty charge removed in December.

Police say that Avery, Hatton's eight week old daughter, did after extensive injuries sustained from physical abuse. Hatton originally told police that he had accidentally dropped Avery while feeding her, and that she had hit his knee on the way to the ground. However, doctors disputed the assertion and said the extent of the injuries found Hatton was being deceptive about the circumstances surrounding Avery's death.

X-ray examination found multiple fractures , as well as swelling in Avery's brain they believe was caused by violent shaking shortly before emergency personnel arrived at the scene.

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