Layton man charged in DUI death

A Layton man has been charged in the DUI death of a woman who had been riding in his car when he lost control of his vehicle. Derek Lyle Hendricks, 33, is facing charges of automobile homicide, a seond-degree felony, as well as one charge of causing an accident involving property damage and having an open container in a vehicle, both class C misdemeanors. When taken into custody Hendricks was reported to have a blood alcohol content of .220, almost three times the legal limit to drive of .008.

According to charging documents on the evening of Nov. 21 Hendricks had been involved in a hit and run crash, and had been reported to be "speeding and recklessly passing vehicles." Police were informed by witnesses of the event that Hendricks was going an estimated 90 mph on a road where the speed limit is 55 mph, and had nearly struck a vehicle head on. At that point Hendricks lost control of his own vehicle and crashing into a large tree on the passenger side of the car.

The impact was so great that the drivers seat broke off and tossed Hendricks into the rear seat of the car. Upon arriving at the scene it was discovered by emergency crews that there was an open bottle of whiskey in the vehicle, and that Hendricks breath had a strong odor of alcohol. They also discovered his passenger, 32-year-old Amber Lawrence, had died from the crash and pronounced her dead at the scene.

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