Photographer arrested for possible sexual abuse

A man has been arrested on suspicious of sexually abusing four underage models while they posed in their underwear for him. Kyle Navarrete, 32, has been booked into the Utah County jail, while police investigate four possible counts of forcible sexual abuse, a second degree felony, and forcible sodomy, a first-degree felony. Police became aware of the alleged abuse when they received a report in September from a 17-year-old boy claiming that Navarette had taken photos of him in his underwear in late August, after convincing him it was necessary for successful modeling career. The boy claimed he was instructed to touch his own genitals first, before Navarrete did the same to them, claiming he needed to do in order to make the pictures look better. 

In November Provo police were once again informed about another two similar incidents from two separate teen boys, claiming Navarrete did the same to them. They both alleged he had not even asked their permission before he went ahead and touched them, saying it was okay to do so because he was a photographer. One of the boys told police he had even posed nude with his hands covering his genitals at Navarrete's request, but later asked him to delete the photos. 

A fourth victim has also come forward, and told police that he modeled nude and in his underwear for Navarrete, as well as received oral sex from him. He also claims that Navarrete touched his genitals as well, as well as touch Navarrate's genitals.

Navarrate has no previous criminal history in Utah.

Public domain photo

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