West Point man charged with murder

A West Point man has been charged with shooting and killing a man who had slashed his face with a razor over the course of an altercation between the two.  Robin William "RJ" Lundin, 28, is facing a murder charge, a first-degree felony, in the shooting death of Colby Scott Barney, 30, of Salt Lake city. The death was discovered by officers on Nov. 5, after police responded to a report of a shooting. Upon arriving they discovered Barney's body, and saw that he had been shot in the chest.

According to witnesses Barney had been invited to Lundin's home, but was at some point the pair got into a fight where Lundin was slashed by a razor across his face that took 28 stitches to close up. Lundin then allegedly ignored Barney's "surrendering" and retrieved his 9 mm handgun, before shooting it twice at Barney. One bully went into Barney's chest, the other injured a hand of a nearby witness. Lundin has admitted he was "drinking heavily" through that evening and leading up to the altercation.

Lundin has some criminal history in Utah, but it consists primarily of alcohol related offenses including DUI's and intoxication.

Photo courtesy of Davis County Jail


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