Teen pleads guilty to double-fatal crash

An Ogden teen has accepted a plea agreement for her involvement in a car crash that took the lives of two people. Marilee Gardner, 17, had been charged as an adult with two counts of murder, a first-degree felony, after she drove her mother's SUV into another car. As part of the plea deal Gardner's charges were reduced to attempted murder, with Gardner pleading guilty to one charge in the juvenile system and one charge in the adult system.

According to police the crash was intentional, and they believe she was attempting to commit suicide at the time. The two people in the car-Maddison Haan 20, of West Point, and Tyler Chistianson, 19, of Ogden-were killed instantly from the impact. Charging documents state that Gardner and a friend had been intending to kill themselves after buying a large amount of drugs, and planned on using the SUV belonging to Gardner's mother to do so. Police say she was driving the car at nearly 100 mph when she struck the other vehicle. 

Public domain photo


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