Utah man pleads guilty to road rage incident

An Alford plea has been given by a Salt Lake City man involved in a case of aggravated battery related to a road rage incident in Idaho. Marco Antonio Garcia-Garcia, 28, entered the Alford plea, which allows him to maintain he is innocent but acknowledges a jury would be likely to find him guilty based on the evidence against him, in an Idaho court for two counts of aggravated battery. The charges stem from an April incident where prosecutors say he rammed the car of an Oregon couple off of I-84.

The victims claim Garcia-Garcia tailgated them while they were driving, which spun the car around, and the proceeded to drive his car right into theirs which caused it to roll three times down a ramp. They were treated at a nearby hospital for concussions and some cuts and bruises and went on to tell police that after the car rolled he had tried to get inside theirs, but was unable to because the doors were locked.

The deal means that Garcia-Garcia will spend the next five to 12 years behind bars for the assault. As part of the deal prosecutors dismissed the enhanced charges for use of a deadly weapon.

Photo courtesy of Cassia County Jail


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