Provo man arrested for sexual assault

A man accused of barricading a woman in a public restroom, threatening her with a knife, and forcing her to disrobe has been arrested by Provo police. Wayne Ray Lease Jr., 34, was spotted Monday morning by an officer with the Brigham Young University police near the central utilities plant on the campus. The officer recognized Lease from a description given by Provo police and after interviewing the man requested they come and arrested him. At the time he was taken into custody he was found to be in possession of a different knife than the one used in the assault. According to Provo police Lease is not a student at the school.

Lease is accused of assaulting a young woman who was hiking in Rock Canyon with a group of friends around midnight on Nov. 6. She had decided to turn around and head back to use a public restroom alone, when she was confronted by Lease who allegedly barricaded her in the restroom and demanded she take her clothes off. She managed to sneak in a call to a male friend who heard what was happening and when he returned to help her, Lease fled.

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