Man accused of selling fake social security cards

A Salt Lake City man is facing felony charges related to accusations he had been selling fake Social Security and permanent residency cards to people in the city. Casear Daniel Pena, 27, has been charged with eight counts of possessing a forgery device, a third-degree felony. Officers had been investigating Pena for over a month, and through use of a confidential informant had purchased forged documents.

According to charging documents Pena was picked up by law enforcement on Oct. 25, after being spotted in the parking lot of a downtown Smith's. When he was arrested he was found to be in possession of a white envelope containing two fake Social Security cards. Inside his vehicle law enforcement also found two fake permanent residency cards, and when searching his home investigators found even more fraudulent Social Security and permanent residency cards. Pena told police he was able to sell one to two permanent resident cards and Social Security cards each week.

So far there has been no listing of bail or an initial court appearance.


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