Man arrested after 100 mph car chase with police

Police have taken an unnamed man into custody, after he had led them on a high-speed chase early Friday morning. Officers found the suspect asleep inside a stolen vehicle around midnight, and when they tried to move in for an arrest the man woke up and sped off. Officers managed to lay down a spike strip and blow out the tires, but officers believe the car had been equipped with run-flat tires as the chase continued even after the car had gone over the strip. The officers continued to pursue the suspect along Bangerter Highway, with speeds briefly going as high as 105 mph.

Police executed several pit maneuvers to force the suspect off the road, but the chase finally ended when the vehicle lost it's tires roughly 15 minutes after it had all begun. The man was booked into jail for investigation of possession of a stolen vehicle and fleeing police. While police have not given out his identity, police were actively looking for him at the time.

Public domain photo


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