Officer-involved shooting ruled legally justified

Two police officers who were involved in a shooting with a Bountiful man earlier this year have been cleared, as an autopsy has concluded the fatal gunshot had been self-inflicted. The finding was issued Wednesday by the Tooele County Attorney, Scott Broadhead, clearing the two officers of any wrong doing in the shooting death of Roman Jade Carillo, 19, after he had fled from officers and led them on a dangerous chase. Broadhead says that the fact Carillo was involved in a shooting prior to the chase, that he had fired shots at one officer when it ended, and that there was evidence he was raising his rifle all again to fire all point to a reasonable justification for use of deadly force.

Carillo had been being pursued by police for his involvement in a gang-related shooting earlier that day. The victim of that shooting, Alex Yetter, 22, had yelled a gang slur at Carillo and another man, Andrew Greening, 19, and the pair had responded by shooting Yetter three times with a rifle. Yetter sustained injuries consistent with being shot, but survived. It is believed that Carillo and Yetter are members of rival street gangs.

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