Man arrested after leading police on car chase

A man is under arrest after he allegedly lead police officers on a dangerous car chase, and asked an officer "What was I supposed to do, just stop?" when apprehended. Ceasar Alexander Garza, 24, of Midvale, has been arrested on numerous charges, among them being reckless endangerment and failing to stop at the command of a law enforcer. Garza was spotted in Taylorsville around 7:30 p.m. Thursday evening, while driving a stolen vehicle. Upon being recognized he fled from officers although officers did not immediately pursue him. The car was located once again about an hour later, and officers then began to chase Garza.

Some officers followed him from behind while others got into position ahead of the chase and laid down a spike strip to puncture the tires. Garza ran over the strip and three of the tires were immediately flattened as a result. However, Garze continued to drive the vehicle until three of the wheels were reduced to the rims. The chase ended when he went over the grass at an apartment complex and crashed into a power box. According to the report of the incident "multiple young children were in his path and had to run, dive, or leap to avoid being run over by the vehicle [Garza] was operating."

At the time he was spotted Garza already had several outstanding warrants against him. According to court records Garza has a 2014 conviction for felony burglary and aggravated assault in one case, as well as attempted theft in another.

Photo courtesy of the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office


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