Salt Lake City considered for Winter Olympics

Salt Lake City is one again a potential contender for the Winter Olympic Games, this time in 2026. U.S. Olympic Committee Leaders have said they would like to host another Winter Games in the U.S. and have named Salt Lake City as one of its top choices for the country, alongside Denver, the Reno-Tahoe area, and several other American cities capable of hosting the event. However, despite the promising news there are several other international contenders being considered by the International Olympic Committee, such as Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, and Canada. All contenders will be considered during an upcoming "quiet information phase" that begins at the end of September.

A big issue in the U.S. being awarded the 2026 games is the recent announcement that Los Angeles will be hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics, which would make the U.S. the host country for two successive Olympic events. Officials have said that any decision made by the IOCC would be done in consultation with L.A.

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