K-9 trainer and dogs honored at burial ceremony

A plaque and a memorial are now being displayed in honor of a Unified Police Department officer who died earlier this year, as well as two K-9 dogs who were killed in the line of duty. The Thursday evening ceremony was for UPD officer Jon Richey, who was found dead in his home on Feb. 11. Richey had been with UPD for only seven years at the time of his passing, but prior to joining he had worked for the Salt Lake City Police Department and had gained a national reputation on K-9 training. He had been working for UPD as their head K-9 trainer at the time of his passing.

Two K-9 dogs who were killed in the line of duty were also honored at the ceremony. Dingo, a 7-year-old Belgian Malinois, was killed while helping federal officials capture a violent fugitive, when the suspect pulled a gun and fired off multiple shots as Dingo tried to incapacitate him. And Aldo, a 5-year-old dog with an impressive record, who was killed by a suspect being searched for by police after he had rammed into a police cruiser. 

Both were given plaques next to Richey and honored for their service in the line of duty.

Public domain photo


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