Judge allows new evidence in USU sex assault case

A judge has ruled that six of the seven women accusing a former Utah State linebacker will be allowed to testify in one another's cases. Torrey Green, 23, is charged with seven seperate cases of sexual assault, allegedly on women he met during his time on the football team for USU between 2013 and 2015. Despite the fact Green is facing a trial for each individual case, a judge has deemed it acceptable to grant the request of the prosecution to introduce evidence from all seven of the women in each trial under a "doctrine of chances" motion. According to prosecutors the motion is meant to establish that it would be unlikely that their accusations and stories were fabricated, that these women actually ever consented to sexual activity with Green, or that there was ever a lack of intent by Green during these alleged assault.

Four of the women have testified that they met Green on the dating app Tinder, and six of them claim they were sexually assaulted by him the first time they were alone together. All the women have insisted they made it very clear through verbal and physical resistance they were not interested. Green has been charged with six counts of rape, aggravated kidnapping, and two counts of object rape, all first-degree felonies. He is also charged with two counts of forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony.

Green had previously shown a promising start to a possible career with the NFL, as he was drafted from USU in 2016 and signed on as a rookie linebacker by the Atlanta Falcons. However, after the sexual assault allegations surfaced he was quickly dropped from the team roster. He is currently being held in the Cache County Jail without bail as court proceedings continue.

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