24 people arrested as part of Operation Rio Grande

A Thursday morning raid of a drug house has left 24 people in police custody. The raid was part of the ongoing Operation Rio Grande, and the multiagency team served the warrant at a home in downtown Salt Lake City after receiving information about the home being part of the drug supply chain to the Rio Grande area. Twenty-four people were living in the home at the time of the raid, and all were arrested after police recovered a "significant" amount of drugs, as well as a stolen handgun. Law enforcement agents were even reported to have been seen removing drug syringes from the cement walls outside of the residence.

Operation Rio Grande began on Aug. 14 and has focused on cleaning up the Rio Grande district of the city, an area that is notoriously overwhelmed with drugs and violence, primarily amongst the transient and homeless population who call it home. The operation has put a primary focus on cracking down on the drug trade in the area, and in the weeks since its has resulted in hundreds of arrests. Despite the early success of the operation, officials admit there is still a long way to go before the problem has been fixed and the area is once again safe for the general public to visit.

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