West Point woman charged with poisoning husband

A West Point woman has been charged with poisoning her husband using eyedrops. Chandra Vayu Stevens Reed, 33, has been charged with surreptitious administration of a substance, a class A misdemeanor. According to the charging documents, Dallen Tubbs had been experiencing symptoms such as headaches, nausea, blurred vision, and diarrhea over the course of several months. During that time he is estimated to have lost 40 pounds.

On Aug 1, Tubbs stayed home from work and began to search his house to find the cause of what he believed to be an illness. According to court documents Tubbs eventually located a black cloth bag with a zipper, and inside he found "numerous empty eyedrop solution bottles with the tops pulled off them." He researched the side effects of the solution, and "found it to be consistent with his symptoms." Investigators would later go on to find 11 empty boxes, 10 empty bottles, and six unopened boxes of eyedrop solution.

When Tubbs confronted Reed about the eyedrops, she told him "It wasn't just for you. It was for someone else, too," according to charging documents. Tubbs told police that his two children had also been poisoned with the eyedrops as well. Court documents have not given any reason for Read's actions.

Her initial court appearance is set for Oct. 30.

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