Murray man killed in motorcycle crash

A Murray man is dead after being struck by a car around 8:30 p.m. Sunday Evening. Steven Colgate, 29, was riding his bike in Midvale through an intersection when, according to witnesses, a car turned left in front of him. The car struck Colgate then continued through the intersection, ultimately colliding with a third vehicle. Passengers inside the vehicles were uninjured, but Colgate was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers say this was a tragic accident and that it's possible Colgate's life could have been saved had he been wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. 

MIDVALE — A Murray man riding a motorcycle and was killed Sunday night after a car struck him in the middle of an intersection has been identified, police say.

Steven Colgate, 29, died from his injuries when the crash occurred about 8:30 p.m. at the intersection of 7500 South and State Street, according to Unified police detective Ken Hansen.

He wasn't wearing a helmet.

"It's a tragic accident," Hansen said. "His life perhaps could have been saved by wearing a helmet."

The incident is still under investigation, but witnesses say the motorcyclist was driving south through a green or yellow light when a car turned left in front of him, the detective said.

The car collided with Colgate then continued through the intersection and collided with a third vehicle, according to Hansen.

People inside the vehicles were not injured but Colgate died at the scene.

"Unfortunately, it's another accident, another motorcycle fatality where No. 1, the rider was not wearing a helmet and No. 2, the motorist doesn't see the motorcycle rider," Hansen said.


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