Charlie Garde's parents bid him farewell

This has been a truly tragic case. It all began when word reached the international media that a court in the U.K. had ordered that an infant with a rare genetic disorder be taken off life support "in his own best interest." The rightful outrage ensued with media outlets picking it up and the debate over the tyranny of government run healthcare raged once more. The parents had raised over a million dollars for an experimental treatment and there were doctors here in the US that were willing to treat him, but the courts doubled down, eventually denying Charlie's parents the right to take him home to pass away. 

Well it's all come to a close today. Specialists from the US who were willing to treat the infant have said he is now too far gone for them to try and save him and there is nothing they can do. Which is the absolute worst news this young couple could have imagined hearing. In a press conference today they bid farewell to their little son that they never got the chance to even know.


This is really a tragic story and one that could have been completely prevented if the courts in the UK hadn't unilaterally decided that they have more standing than Charlie's own parents did. Even if the experimental treatment ultimately did nothing and he still passed away, the knowledge and experience being able to even attempt treating him would have given medical specialists would have been enormous give the rarity of the disorder. But no...government knows best apparently. And I'm sure that's a comfort for Charlie's parents.


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