Judge approves deal of Salt Lake County Recorder

A judge has signed off on the resignation agreement between the family of Salt Lake County Recorder Gary Ott and the county. This development has now given the final approval to an agreement that has set Ott's official resignation date as Aug. 1. He will receive a severance package of $35,000, equivalent to 12 weeks of his salary, that will be placed in an account designated for his care. 

The agreement comes amidst an ongoing legal battle between Ott's family and his long time office aide, Karmen Sanone. She has contested the guardianship over Ott, as she has claimed to a "longtime friend" and is reported to be Ott's girlfriend of fiancee. The judge has ruled that Ott's family will maintain temporary legal guardianship of the man, although the matter of a permanent guardianship will be figured out at a court hearing to be held in September.

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