Man admits murdering husband in arson case

A man accused of killing noted restaurateur John Williams has pleaded guilty to the charges. Craig Crawford, 48, pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated murder and aggravated arson, both first-degree felonies, in the May 2016 death of his husband. Crawford said he had trapped Williams in his house and set it ablaze, after Williams had filed for divorce earlier that month. An autopsy would reveal that Williams had died of smoke inhalation before crews had been able to arrive to the residence.

Crawford's attorney says the man had been insistent on pleading guilty to the charges he was faced with, and has shown extreme remorse for his actions. His plea deal with prosecutors removes the death penalty from being pursued as part of the sentence. He paces the potential of either life without parole or 25 years to life in prison with a chance at parole.

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