Riverton homeowner shoots knife-wielding intruder

A man wielding a knife was shot late Monday evening by a homeowner he confronted. Shortly before 11p.m. police responded to calls of an intoxicated man threatening a homeowner. According to officials with Unified Police Derrick Palmer, 36, was at a friend's house and became intoxicated. Palmer eventually went outside the residence and for reasons that are still unknown began to dress and undress in the middle of the street. Two teenage boys who were just arriving home saw Palmer and kept driving. They called their parents as they made another lap around the block, and a plan was developed to open the garage and have the boys drive straight in.

After the boys got inside the home Palmer, now clothed, began walking toward the house and the boy's father went outside to confront him in the driveway. The homeowner managed to pin Palmer to the ground while still holding a gun in one hand, but Palmer kept fighting. Upon getting up and trying to return inside Palmer followed him into the garage. According to witnesses the man then pulled a gun and was challenged by Palmer that the gun loaded. He then pulled a knife from his pocket and asked if the homeowner was going to shoot him. The homeowner then fired twice, hitting Palmer in the jaw and chest.

When officers arrived they found Palmer on the ground and homeowner still watching over him with his gun. The man was compliant with officer demands to drop his weapon and got on the ground after doing so. While officers were sorting everything out they handcuffed the homeowner and Palmer attempted to go for the weapon on the ground. Officers got to the gun first, which prompted Palmer to flee towards the house. A Taser was utilized on Palmer and he was taken into custody. He was transported to a local hospital in critical condition, but has since been upgraded to stable.

Public domain photo

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