Drugs stolen from house cops had seized drugs from

Unified police are looking for two men who they claim broke into a house, tied up the two occupants, and stole a small amount of drugs and money. Officers were called before 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, after two men wearing hoodies, masks, and gloves, and carrying black handguns entered the residence through a side door, although it's unknown if they broke in or found an open door.

Investigators don't believe it was a random home invasion, due to the fact that once inside the intruders asked for one of the roommates by name. When they found out the roommate wasn't at home the two intruders used zip ties to bind the two people who were home, before having their victims point them to where the roommates room was.

The two men took a small amount of cash and marijuana and ran off. Despite police K-9 units picking up a scent, the trail got lost near a road. They believe the suspects may have gotten into a car at that point. in 2012 detectives served a warrant at the same home, and seized 16 pounds of marijuana and some cash. The same residents that were living there at the time of the first search warrant are still there.

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