Teen involved in shooting moved to adult system

A judge has ordered one of the teenagers allegedly involved in the shooting of 14-year-old Deserae Turner to be transferred to the adult system. When announcing the decision, the juvenile system judge said that while 16-year-old Jayzon Decker isn't suspected of pulling the trigger, there is evidence that he was the one who developed a plan to kill the girl, and signaled to his friend when the moment came to execute it. In a two-day retention hearing last week, prosecutors argued to move the case to the adult system, saying they believed he was the one who came up with the idea to kill the girl. They also demonstrated the impact the crime has had on the community, as well as the permanent damage Deserae and her family have suffered.

The alleged gunman, also 16, has to face a similar hearing Monday afternoon. The boy told police he had become annoyed by Deserae's frequent Snapchat messages, causing Decker to suggest they get rid of her. Prosecutors are arguing to place the gunman in the adult system. Another hearing is set for Decker on Thursday. He will remain in a juvenile detention facility while the case proceeds forward.

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