Man charged with filming girls in locker room

A West Jordan man is facing charges related to his alleged videotaping of underage girls in a locker room. Christian Eugene Lovendahl, 44, was charged Wednesday with six counts of voyeurism involving a minor victim, a third-degree felony; and voyeurism, a class A misdemeanor. The charges stem from a Dec. 21 incident, when several girls ages 11 to 13 were playing hockey at an aquatic center. After the game the girls noticed what looked like a cell phone filming them from the metal mesh of an adjacent locker room. A few parents and the girl's coach were informed of the discovery, and upon investigation Lovendahl was found.

Upon police arrival Lovendahl's phone was seized, where investigators found no shortage of video footage shot that day. In total investigators came across 14 videos that had been recorded that day. Despite four of those videos having been deleted, police have been able to recover three of them. According to charging documents on one video the phone is seen being placed in the locker room and girls are seen taking off their pads. The second video is only one second long. And the third video runs for nearly five minutes, showing girls "in various stages of undress, but there is no nudity."

Public domain photo


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