The Utah Department of Transportation is now in the early stages of a major 2 year project along I-15 in South Davis Co. Bridges will be rebuilt, interchanges redesigned, lanes expanded to make traffic flow in and out of Salt Lake City faster. I think the infrastructure in this state is amazing. Having lived in Seattle for nearly 3 years, Utah is heaven when it comes to traffic. I spoke on the show last Friday with Carlos Braceras, head of UDOT, about the project. To avoid delays and driver stress he's encouraging people to use either FrontRunner or the Legacy Parkway to get to work everyday. I have no problem with that. I don't take FrontRunner because I wouldn't get home at night until after 8pm. Not a good idea. I do use Legacy now and them to relax and enjoy a carefree ride.

I have one concern, if more people are being encouraged to use Legacy, could we also request  state and local speed patrols back off on giving people tickets. The posted speed limit on Legacy is 55MPH because of an stupid agreement with Rocky Anderson to keep the area pristine. Give me a break. If you want traffic moving as smoothly as a baby's behind, cut down on the radar and let people drive at least 70mph. It may cut down on the revenue the state and cities are hoping for, but it will make us Davis Co. commuters much happier.

BTW, I do like the idea of keeping big rigs off the highway. 

There's my daily squirt. I hope you enjoy it. 


Rod A.