4:05pm It's unlikely charges will be filed against three-time NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart. Stewart is being ripped in some circles for his involvement in a bizarre fatal accident that caused a young driver his life. Is it fair to criticize Tony Stewart. Rod will talk about it. 

4:35 Derryck Green from Project 21 joins Rod to discuss the impact of Obama's potential amnesty plan will have on black America 


5:05 - America's classrooms. A new report says white students are now a minority in public schools. What does that mean for the future of education in the US. Is the changing face of the classroom good for America?


6:05pm Daniel Horowitz joins Rod to talk about the GOP Establishment's Mea Culpa on immigration reform.


6:20pm - College men find themselves "guilty until proven innocent" in sexual assault cases today..why? Ashe Schow from the Washington Examiner joins Rod to discuss why the rape culture o college campuses is leading to manhunts.