Sean Hannity Show:

2:05PM  Jamie Dupree,  Our Washington Insider, joins Sean to talk about the eye-opening report that reveals millions of taxpayer money was wasted, by paying full salary and bonuses to government workers who were not actually working.


2:35PM  Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law & Justice was in front the Judiciary committee holding their feet to the fire with regard to the IRS scandal, which the White House stills denies despite the abundance of evidence provided.


3:05PM News Roundup/Information Overload Hour: Sheriff Paul Babeu of Arizona & Sheriff Richard Jones of Ohio are both dealing with the overflow of illegal immigrants in their states and are sick of the administration’s complete disregard for the law, which they have sworn to uphold and have dedicated their life to ensuring. How can they protect the public when the President seems insistent on making their communities unsafe?


 Following Sean it's The Rod Arquette Show at 4 

4:05pm  Rod lives in Davis Co and was stunned by his recent tax notice. Were you stunned as well?  Rod will share what has happened to him, take your calls to see if its happened to you and talk with Royce Van Tassell from the Utah Taxpayers Association:

4:35pm - Conservative filmmaker and author Dinesh D'Souza joins Rod to talk about recent efforts from big box retailers and Google to slow distribution of his book and new film 

5:05pm - Are we guilty of overprotecting our children? There's another case of a woman being charged with neglect for letting her little boy go to a nearby park and play. 

6:05pm - Stephanie Simon from Politico talks about Moms Winning the Common Core War.

6:35pm - Jonathan Allen from Bloomberg News discusses his report on Politicians and Pot.

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