All hail our supreme masters at Google. We rely on them for everything apparently. Including our news and information on current events.

But with great power comes great responsibility. I seem to recall hearing that somewhere at some point in time. But regardless of what childhood hero I may be thinking of, it's a serious point to consider. We all know so little of the actual method for determining results of a search. So who determines what pops up for each individual topic? Who's to say if someone wants to look up information on someone like Ted Cruz then their search won't turn up one negative story after another? Or if someone uses Google to search Hillary Clinton then would they see anything about "Servergate?" Or would they see nothing but positive stories making her glow?

So what impact could this have for the 2016 election? And what clarification can we get on how they determine search results?

Guest AlertDr. Robert Epstein, Sr. Research Psychologist with the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, will be on the program today at 4:20 to discuss Google's impact on the election.

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