Authorities say, a slight turn of his neck likely saved James Evans' life, when he was shot in the head, during a Fathers' Day Mass, at St. James Catholic Church, in Ogden.

Police have arrested James Evans' son-in-law in the incident.  Richard Jennings, 35, is expected to be formally arraigned Tuesday, on attempted murder and aggravated robbery charges.

Doctors say, the victim apparently turned his head, just as he was being shot, which caused the bullet to enter his head near his ear and exit through his cheek.

He did not suffer a brain injury. 

After undergoing emergency surgery, Evans is expected to recover.

After the shooting, police say Jennings commandeered a pickup truck from a driver, at gunpoint, and fled north, toward Idaho. 

He was arrested about 30 miles south of the state line, when the truck ran out of gas.

He's now being held in the Weber County Jail.